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Nutrition Coaching and Weight Loss

Nutritional Coaching and Weight Loss: Nutritionally you really are what you eat and no it doesn’t have to be all down hill after age 50. Our bodies are not designed to fail at 86, but the toxins, pollution, refined sugar, flour and fat ingested all have significant damaging affects that steal your vitality long before your mortality. Dr. Fox can provide you the diagnostic testing to determine your levels and if supplementation is warranted. He utilizes high quality physician available whole food supplements that support the organ systems and biochemistry of the area of your complaint. Weight Loss coaching: Dr. Fox has had significant success in coaching patient how to eat like a human being, while loosing FAT. Fat is toxic tissue walled off from healthy tissue. It causes you to be acidic and inflamed. With all disease processes being caused by inflammation this is not healthy state. NuLean is a physician available liver detoxification program that successfully burns fat. Patients loose inches, pounds and learn to eat properly, unlike the fad diet programs that don’t work. On average patients loose 7.5 pound and 6-9 inches off their chest waist and hips; during the two week program. For patients that don’t have the time to prepare meals Medifast is an excellent option providing meals and snacks that contain healthy ratios of protein, carbohydrates and fats.